Red Mango FC, LLC is a frozen yogurt and smoothie brand noted for its all-natural frozen yogurt, fresh fruit smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and fresh juices. There are now greater than 50 locations in over 15 states in the usa and 40 in Mexico and Central America. In 2011, Red Mango was named the No. 1 Zagat Rated chain in America for smoothies and frozen yogurt.

Daniel J. Kim, the company’s founder, graduated from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in 1998, and first worked being an investment banker with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. In accordance with the company website, Red Mango gets its name because “the mango, distinctly delicious and high in nutrition, becomes red at its optimal stage of ripeness.”

After opening their first store in California, Red Mango opened stores in Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Ny. One year right after the first store opened in La, Red Mango opened 30 new stores. By the end of 2009, Red Mango had 60 stores functioning.

During the summer time of 2010, Red Mango added 22 types of smoothies with their menu At the end of 2010, Red Mango awarded agreements for 147 locations and opened 62 new stores, bringing the complete quantity of locations to 100. These were named #4 on Restaurant Business Magazine’s “Future 50” list of the fastest-growing chains during 2010.

In May 2012, the Dallas-based company put into an agreement with Mexican theater chain Cinemex introducing Red Mango products to Mexico. They open a lot of their stores on or near college campuses. In 2010, about 70% of Red Mango’s buyers were women.

Red Mango uses all-natural, nonfat & lowfat kosher frozen yogurt fortified with probiotics. They were the very first frozen yogurt store to get certified through the National Yogurt Association with the Live & Active Cultures seal, indicating using real yogurt. As of July 2008, the company’s lineup of frozen yogurt flavors was made up of Original, Pomegranate, Madagascar Vanilla, as well as a rotating number of seasonal or specialty flavors. Included in this are Green Tea Leaf, Mango, Banana, Nutty Potion, and Peanut Butter.

Red Mango’s frozen yogurt is topped with fruits (like blueberries, mango, pineapple, and strawberries) or “fun and crunchy” items (such as almonds, graham cracker, organic granola, and mochi).

The company’s investors and advisors include John Antioco (former CEO and Chairman of Blockbuster Inc.), Taco Bell, and Circle K Convenience Stores. The company, which currently has offices in Dallas, Texas hhtpbp Ny, New York, raised $12 million in private equity financing in August 2008 and moved its headquarters from Sherman Oaks, CA to Dallas at the begining of May 2009.

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