Unusual but true. It is very, hard to discover well-organized, correctly recorded scientific research regarding the technologies right behind ionic air purifiers, a multimillion dollar worldwide business!

Strange because if the science is solidly grounded, I would expect any manufacturer of Olansi luftreiniger to trumpet the scientific basis of the brand name. I would anticipate them to expound in the efficiency and effectiveness with their unique technologies. Even more so, I might anticipate them to a lot guarantee customers their technologies is perfectly safe, they destroy microbes but they are flawlessly safe to humans. Sadly, my expectations are not fulfilled.

Real because I have spent a lot of time looking for scientific technological papers supporting the systems right behind current ionic air purifiers that are in the marketplace nevertheless I actually have hardly any to show because of it. Whether purposeful or not, marketeers of ionic air purifiers just do not bother to place up technological documents on their own websites. In which they do, they make no variation among safety, efficacy and performance with their particular brands. The scientific references are mentioned only in brief and do not offer sufficient detail for research by the significant potential buyers in the specific air purifier. It is actually as though producers usually do not expect one to question and scrutinize their products and services!

Inaccessible Scientific Research

Where I actually have stumbled upon appropriate technological research documents on the web, they are not easily available as they typically arrive with a prohibitive price, becoming billed on the for each article basis! I suppose should i be an entrepreneur trying to manufacture a new ionic air purifier I might be willing to purchase the 100s and maybe 1000s of technical documents pointed out at some scientific diary web sites. Having Said That I am only trying to find a dependably secure item to get for my use!

It is regrettable that the technological world is also commercial powered in order that study of great significance will not be made easily available to all who definitely are fascinated or who require to know.

Logical Requirements

Nevertheless, though my head remains rotating from the deluge of inconclusive and confusing internet data, my search for the perfect air purifier carries on, along these criteria:

(1) Safety – the ionic air purifier technology must not result in any physical damage to users;

(2) Efficacy – the ionic air purifier technology has been tested inside the laboratory to really work in the basis on some comprehensive scientific research;

(3) Performance – the ionic air purifier technology has been effectively transplanted from the lab into an equipment that can provide you with the exact same produces a consumer setting i.e. home, workplace, manufacturer, school etc.

Safety Issues

In this article, I would like to focus on the safety of Luftreiniger, an aspect that i believe overrides one other two requirements of efficacy and performance. There is absolutely no point getting something that works wonderfully to fight microbes but is very powerful it harms our health and wellbeing. Two essential questions must be answered:

(1) Do the purported beneficial active brokers of ionic air purifier technologies cause harm to human being cells? Are unfavorable ions, bipolar ions, hydroxyl radicals, Sharp’s patented plasmacluster ions or no matter what name they pass, safe?

(2) Perform the unintentional by-items of the ionic air purifier systems cause any harm to human being cells? By-products include ozone and nitric oxides which are highly reactive and considered to be harmful in higher concentrations.

Beneficial Energetic Agents – Do They Really Harm Human Tissue?

No scientific data is available on the net on whether negative ions, bipolar ions, hydroxyl radicals, plasmacluster ions and so on are safe in that they are doing not harm human cells. There exists a lot of information that demonstrate that these particular active agents effectively get rid of microbes, a subject that i will handle in a later on post. Right here I am concerned that this touted strength from the energetic agents are similarly damaging on fragile human tissue. Why what is the paucity of scientific information when millions of dollars are spent by customers on ionic air purifiers every year?

Right after substantial but fruitless internet searches, I have done another logical thing – request the manufacturers of ionic air purifiers! Coming from a few enquiries, the perfect solution slowly became clear – the scientific information exists but manufacturers do not need to make them public lest they incur the wrath of animal well being groups! Is this an actual fear or are they concealing some uncomfortable reality about their product?

Googling “pet testing” instantly threw in the huge dispute around the usage of creatures in testing the safety of merchandise designed for people. A case in point would be that of Huntingdon Life Sciences, a UK research company that performs safety screening of commercial products, pharmaceuticals and home appliances. To this particular day, there is much clash among screening businesses and pet welfare groups. No wonder the cloak of secrecy by ionic air purifier producers who will probably conduct safety tests utilizing comparable screening businesses.

Recorded Pet Screening

An opportunity web research result helped me to to improve comprehend the animal testing controversy. The safety tests pointed out on the website related to a fluid item, not immediately linked to any ionic air purifier technologies. The liquid is used onto furniture and other home fixtures. In the description of among the advantages, it is actually claimed that whenever extremely-violet light in sunshine shines around the fluid, hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions are released into the air therefore wrecking any microbes like bacteria, infections and mold that may be present.

To prove that this fluid is safe to people, 4 kinds of safety assessments were carried out on mice, guinea pigs and rabbits (please be cautioned that you may find the following paragraph offensive and also you may wish to by pass to another section).

They are:

(1) Test for acute oral toxicity – the fluid was by mouth provided to mice;

(2) Test for primary skin irritation – the liquid was applied on to purposely abraded skin of rabbits;

(3) Check for skin sensitivities – the liquid was injected underneath the skin of guinea pigs;

(4) Test for mutagenicity – the fluid was applied to salmonella microorganisms to find out if they triggered mutation inside the bacteria nuclei so as to determine in the event the liquid is able to cause cancers.

Animals Unharmed

Pretty harsh and repulsive stuff! I really feel so even even though the reports suggest that this tests had been conducted according to the Organization of Financial Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Chemical Testing. I can begin to empathize with the animal welfare camp about this kind of safety testing. Thankfully, with this liquid item, each of the animals (even the salmonella bacteria) had been bsotdq to become unscathed by its application.

This short insight into pet testing explains why manufacturers of Olansi Luftreiniger Fabrik refrain from publicizing or even making mention of such assessments if they are conducted.

Safety Footnotes

Despite this issue of manufacturers, my web queries have exposed footnotes for certain brand names whereby they suggest that safety assessments happen to be conducted on the energetic brokers. In searching for my ionic air purifier, I would be looking for such footnotes. I might expect that no creatures had been harmed or perhaps the purifier could have not good cause to get available on the market for humans. I would also determine that the safety screening was conducted by reliable institutions which can be accredited as GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), a set of principles from the OECD to acknowledge organizations which conform to strict technological testing standards.

Olansi luftreiniger – Why So Much Attention..

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