There are many different varieties of pipe fittings available to buy today, making it difficult to know which type is the best choice for your projects. In this article, we will have a look at brass fittings, what they are utilised for, why they are utilised, and what a few of the choices to brass fittings are.

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What are Brass Fittings Used For?

Brass is one of the most widely used components to make pipe fittings. The zinc and copper alloy has been used for hundreds of years due to the unique properties that make it the ideal choice for a variety of uses. Obviously, in additional recent background and modern days, the most frequent use for brass is at pipes and fixtures used in plumbing.

Brass pipe fittings tend to be the option of plumbers and other building experts due to its powerful qualities. It is actually stronger and flexible than other material options and immune to corrosion.

Brass pipe fittings are usually utilized for carrying water, chemicals, flammable fumes, slurries, as well as other plumbing elements. Pipe fittings manufactured from brass are available in a variety of designs and thread dimensions to get in touch, adjust, or control any liquid or gas in pipes.

Apart from plumbing, brass fixtures can also be utilized for some car programs, such as in air braking system, hose ends, and energy line valves. You may even find brass fittings in ballcock adapters, fridge cooler fixtures, and compression fixtures.

Exactly why are Brass Fixtures Used?

The effectiveness of brass since the material for pipe fixtures gives you safe and durable elements within your plumbing system. Whilst they could be a somewhat more expensive than some other kinds of fittings, brass fixtures are well worth the extra cash. Listed below are 5 reasons why you should use brass fittings for your upcoming plumbing task:

1. They are durable – Brass fixtures have already been used in each household and commercial plumbing because it is perfect for heavy-responsibility use and it also stays in excellent condition for a long time. Once you have a plumbing task that needs to possess a long life-span, brass is a good option because it lasts for a long period without disintegrating as well as cracking. It’s also great for use within warm water supply lines.
2. They can endure higher temperatures – Because the best fitted materials for releasing hot water, brass provides exceptional conductivity and improves the efficiency of the distribution system. Actually, brass fittings can put up with higher temperature ranges than fittings made of other materials, up to begin becoming fire proof.
3. They are malleable – You might find that you should mold or form a fitted to really make it operate in particular areas. In that case, then the brass fitted is the perfect option. Brass is a malleable steel – far more so than iron or metal. Which makes brass fixtures a really versatile choice for many small plumbing areas.
4. These are corrosion proof – Brass does not corrosion and it is extremely resistant to rust. Corrosion and corrosion rapidly accelerate natural damage procedure on the fitting, when you are interested in long-lasting fittings, brass is the ideal materials for the task.
5. They may be versatile – You can find brass fittings in most types and dimensions, so that you can constantly discover just the thing you need for the particular plumbing projects.

There are so many several types of brass fixtures that can be used, that’s exactly what makes them so flexible. Below are a few of the very most typical types:

– Pipe couplings: utilized to connect pipes the exact same dimension (unless of course it is a decreasing coupler, where the pipes will vary dimensions)

– Pipe adaptors: utilized to modify the link kind (male or female) at the conclusion of a pipe

– Pipe nipples: typically employed to connect two fixtures

– Pipe tees: in the form of a “T”, utilized when more than one branch is required of any water supply

– Pipe elbows: employed to modify the path of flow among pipes

– Pipe unions: utilized in a similar manner as couplings

– Pipe plugs: utilized to close pipes

– Pipe wyes: within the form of a “Y”, used to join pipes at a 45-degree angle

That is not an exhaustive checklist, there are many other sorts of brass fixtures that are perfect for just about every need you can think of. Additionally, you can get brass fittings in an array of dimensions – from smaller dimensions that are fantastic for residential jobs to bigger sizes that can be used as commercial programs.

What are among the Alternatives to Brass Fixtures?

Whilst brass fittings are ideal for numerous utilizes, there are a few alternatives which can be used in certain situations. Many of the most typical alternatives to brass fittings are copper, Pvc material, CPVC, PEX, metal, and cast iron.

Copper fixtures are most frequently utilized in residential water techniques and Heating and air conditioning refrigerant outlines. They are used both for cold and warm-water applications.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fittings are the most typical type of plastic fixtures, and they arrive in a number of styles and sizes. They are usually only utilized for cold water applications.

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) fixtures are used for both cold and hot-water programs in household plumbing.

Metal fittings are used for cold and warm water programs and therefore are strong sdsnwg durable using a higher warmth resistance. However, they are inclined to rusting.

Black iron fixtures are generally utilized for drain and squander pipes. Black metal fittings are a noticable difference over cast metal due to its improved corrosion level of resistance.


Brass pipe fittings are fantastic for many residential and industrial plumbing requirements. While they do have a tendency to cost a little bit more, they are certainly not too considerably more expensive than other options. Their durability, dependability, and high quality make brass fixtures a sensible investment for the couple of extra dollars. Following, take a look at our post that assists you figure out which kind of piping you should utilize to go with your fittings.

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