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“Do I absolutely need a Facebook Page? Isn’t my Personal Profile (buddies page) sufficient?” These are questions that I get requested a lot as being a social media strategist. To begin with, let’s clarify what is meant by each of these terms:

Personal User profile – User profiles represent individuals and should be held under a person title. This really is your “home base” for Facebook – the organization which has Buddies, LIKEs issues, joins groups, and more.

Facebook Web page – permit an organization, company, celeb, or band to keep an expert presence on Facebook.

My personal opinion with this is different over time and I have to admit which it truly depends upon a number of factors. Everyone fails to need to have a Facebook Page. The following questions will allow you to decide.

1. Would you like to be seen by the Search Engines? Facebook pages get lots of “Google juice.” This is often important if someone is trying to find you or one of your own targeted important word words that you will be seeking to position for. Even when someone is not really part of Facebook, your Facebook Page is visible by anyone – not so for a Personal User profile. Frequently, a Facebook Web page will achieve greater rankings than your internet site.

2. Who is your audience? Remember when “buddies” had been people who you truly knew? Are all of your possible and present customers people that you really know? Should you only work with people which you have personally met, then perhaps you don’t require one. Nevertheless, if you want to connect with people that you haven’t really met face-to-face – or don’t look at a friend – a page is really a much better technique of doing that.

Facebook is clear when you problem a pal ask for that you actually need to find out the person. The amount of individuals will never reach out to you because they may not have met you or they could not actually feel like you are a friend – even in the social media sensation of the phrase?

3. Exactly how much posting concerning your business are you currently intending to do? Through the years, I actually have spoken with a number of people who have actually experienced their personal accounts turn off by Facebook simply because they had been making use of it to market a company. The “Facebook slap” or shutdown generally seems to occur more if the company becoming advertised is actually a physical company.

I believe the outlines blur for experts, audio speakers, attorneys as well as others who definitely are within the “believed business.” It would appear that Facebook is much more lenient with that form of advertising, education and sharing. However, as the aged Donny and Marie track employed to help remind us, you need to be “A Bit Country, Slightly Rock and Roll.”

4. Do you wish to have the ability to customize and create a mini-website? Facebook apps for Pages have grown to be so versatile and effective that one could create small-web sites within Facebook – not so for personal profiles. You can add customized landing pages (Welcome) with videos, email optin boxes, blog rss feeds and more.

5. Do you really want to blend company and personal? For most people, it is good to help keep these individual. Personal buddies don’t constantly desire to read about your business and the other way around. Think about your Personal Profile as the House along with your Page as the Workplace. You wouldn’t post pictures of your vacation all over your office. Likewise, most people don’t have their own company papers spread out throughout the house. Separation can be a good thing.

These initial few concerns may bring you to think, YES!, I need a Facebook Page. However, this is actually the key question you need to ask prior to launching one.

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The length of time as well as are you currently ready to put into a Facebook Web page? A Facebook Page requires a lot of try to get connection and proposal. Because of the way the Facebook “Edgerank” algorithm criteria functions, individuals frequently don’t see any articles one does from your Web page. You can generally get far more interaction on the Personal Profile.

Lots of people essentially abandon their Pages right after investing lots of time and effort to have them create. One choice is to hire somebody that will regularly article your site content for your Web page so that you have a consistent existence. Then, all you have to do is always to go to the page frequently and communicate with those who reply to your site content.

My suggestion for many business owners: Indeed, you DO need to have a Company Web page. Even if all that you do is defined it and create a article which says, “I really hope this page offers some important information about my company. I kssiiw almost all of my Facebook time in my Personal User profile. Make sure you send me a information there at (Web address for Facebook Consumer Name).”

Another significant choice to consider when changing to some page is whether or not you should just transform your Personal User profile to some company Page. Facebook now allows you to accomplish this. Be forewarned that it is not for your faint of heart. There are several significant problems that must be regarded as prior to deciding to do that. Look at the Facebook Assist section for additional info on this.

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