The Korea University Student Mission (CCC) has released a position on the press meeting on the withdrawal of Park Soo-jin, previous head of the Shincheonji group, whilst highly condemning Shincheonji’s undercover infiltration of CCC.

Park Soo-jin, who revealed that he experienced withdrew from Shincheonji, was the head from the university department in the Gwacheon Church of the Shincheonji and was the pinnacle from the 12-tribe headquarters throughout the country.

At that time, Mr. Park stated, “In June 2019, when Chairman Man-hee Lee heard the news that this CCC had withdrawn from the Hangi-chong, 42 associates had been infiltrated in to the CCC. There is additionally a former CCC fellow member. Of these, 32 were resolved as candidates for the Sunjang. Via this, Shincheonji declared a plan to inject more than 60 individuals, however it was destroyed if the Corona 19 incident shattered out.”

In response, CCC stated, “At a push conference by Park Soo-jin, Shincheonji Pastor Lee Man-hee purchased these to conquer CCC in June of a year ago, as well as in the second semester, Shincheonji members camouflaged to the college CCC. He explained, “There was cases where the identification was revealed and was expelled, there had been cases where the identity of the company was exposed because of the Corona 19 situation, and then there was a case in which it had been concealed.”

They stated in their position, “Via a press meeting by Park Soo-jin, we can’t stop being amazed and upset right after verifying the fact that the Shincheonji team provided purchases to put in and conquer the followers with the purpose of disrupting the CCC.”

“The CCC highly condemns the behavior of Pastor Guy-hee Lee and the Shincheonji group who tried this, and will not tolerate any form of infiltration, and in case individuals the Shincheonji team are discovered within the CCC, We shall take court action.”

Specifically, “The Shincheonji team is responsible for misunderstandings through hide infiltrating churches and quests companies for a long period, nevertheless it is taking a well-timed and timely response.” “As a direct result this investigation, a wbgwwa of 45 people in the Shincheonji team who infiltrated the CCC of every college. It was verified that a number of them were discovered and expelled during the early stages, and most of them vanished from contact right after the spread of Corona 19 via Shincheonji in February.”

CCC stated, “Nevertheless, CCC will perform thorough membership administration and definately will not condone the undercover routines in the Shincheonji group via comprehensive avoidance and education for heretic pseudo-organizations. The gospel of Jesus has been preached through great cooperation. In the future, we will do our best to evangelize university students, cultivate and send them as loyal disciples of Jesus so that they can play in the role of lighting and sodium for the planet.”

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